CLOWDER - (n) a group or collection of cats

Since the name "clowder" refers to cats, the first item of business is a cat section. Here you will find all sorts of things "cat", from articles about cats from and by different sources, references to other web pages that I think you might enjoy, and a section on kitty's health and first aid. In addition, I also have interests and commitments in other things, and I present them here too, from Christianity (my perspective), clean humor, and other topics. I will also have a section which redirects you to other vendors who have products I feel the world should see.

The Cat House

Cat stuff. That's all you will find here. It includes hundreds of pictures of our favorite little critters, instructions on how to take care of them and enhance their lives, what to do in emergencies, product reviews of cat things you might want for your cats, and lots and lots of pictures including instructions on how to take great pictures of your cats. There will also be a section for cat tricks (sponsored by the magical Mr. Wendell), memorials, and a list of places where you can go to learn more about our favorite little furbuddies (or fur masters if you ask them). There will also be product testing reviews and information on many of the more popular breeds, to help you decide which of the rescue kitties you should take home. That's right, rescue kitties. I promote rescue cats over buying breeds from breeders, not that there is much wrong with most of them, but there are thousands of cats in shelters who need a loving home, and unless you have a desire for a specific breed, I will give you guidance in picking up a shelter cat first.

Clean Humor

Good clean humor is what you will find here. No "four letter words" or innuendos, no harsh insults or criticisms of other people (though an occasional "blonde-type" joke may creep in), they are all meant to be good clean fun. The goal will be the type of joke that people who have clean spirits can let their kids read without concern that they will learn a "new word" or some such thing. You will notice that Calvin and Hobbs are used for the icon for this part of the web site, and it's their type of humor you will find here. There will be both pictures and artwork, as well as written jokes, with the guidance that a good laugh doesn't have to be dirty to be funny. If you disagree with my philosophy you are free to start your own web site and post anything you want. You will get no criticism from me, but I doubt I'll be visiting your site to see your latest contributions.

This web site has been operational since 1996, meaning that as of this date it's been online for about 18 years. The site was last updated in August of 2014. We (the cats and I) hope you enjoy your visit here, and enjoy the upgrades and changes that are being prepared.

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